My work up to now

My work as a professional blacksmith began in 1993;    early in my career I came into  contact with a number of blacksmiths active on the European stage  – Alfred Habermann, George Pietsacher, Gabriele Curtolo and Claudio  Bottero, to name but a few, and attended workshops for example at Castle Helfštýn in the Czech Republic .

Un 1997 my brother joined me in the business and together we founded “Studio Associato ArteStenico”;  this joint activity came to an end in January 2015.

A chief  feature pf my artistic and professional activity is one of constant research  and the study of both technique and form, enabing me to develop  a personal, modern style which brings this ancient craft up to date in such a way as can bring this art into the 21st century.

Exhibitions and other events

2000 Scrigno del Duomo di Trento (TN)

2001 Circolo degli Artisti Faenza (FO)

2002 Galleria Comunale Positano (NA)

2002 ArdeArte Ardea (RM)

2002  Studio ArteStenico worked, together with a team of blacksmiths from all over Europe,   to create a sculpture designed by the sculptor Alfred Habermann and entitled ‘United, Europe grows’, Ybbsitz (A)

2003 We  received Honourable Mention at the European Blacksmiths Biennial  in Stia (AR)

2003 As a team we created a sculpture at the Kovàrské Fòrum at Helfštýn Castle; the work now forms part of the ‘Comenského di Prerové’ (CK) Museum Collection

2005 Granted First Prize for Innovation at the European Blacksmiths Biennial in Stia (AR)

2008 At the ‘Hefaiston Blacksmiths Convention’ were awarded  First Prize for Sculpture

2009 Exhibition at a private gallery in Brussels (B)

2009 In occasione della “Spring Conference” tengono, per la California Blacksmith Association, una dimostrazione ed una conferenza sul loro lavoro. San Francisco (CA)

2009 On the occasion  of the California Blacksmith Association’s  Spring Conference gave a demonstration and spoke about our work.        San Francisco (CA)

2009 Summer International meeting of Figurative Artists, Nàmést Nad Oslavou (CK)

2010  Delivered a lecture at the Maritime Museum of Barcellona on the  work of  the modern blacksmith (ESP)

2011 ‘Il Chiostro’ Gallery, Pienza (SI)

2011 In the contex the io the event ‘The  Art of the Blacksmith in Pienza’ created a work  of street art  for the Piazza del Duomo, Pienza (SI)

2011 Together with pupils from ‘Virgilio’ Middle School  at Ardea,  created a sulpture to be installed in a public space in Ardea (RM)

2011 Collaborated on the creation of a work to be placed at the Velodrome’ of Fiorenzuola (PC)

2011 At the event entitled ‘Forja Viva Alins’ (Spain) gave a demonstration and a talk about our work

2011 Took part in the European Blacksmiths Biennial  in Stia (AR)

2012 In the context of the the event ‘Forja Viva’ Spain , gave a talk on the work of the modern blacksmith,

2012 Became members of the organising Board of the European Blacksmiths Biennial  in Stia (AR)

2013 Created a work for the Maritime Museum of Barcelona (ES)

2015  European Blacksmiths Biennial  in Stia (AR)

2015-2018   Teacher and lecturer at the Stia Blacksmiths School